Flebi folding ebikes Support Centre

If you have a problem with your Flebi, first check the support videos in this section or locate your query in our FAQs, and if it still hasn’t been resolved we invite you to open a ticket so that we can deal with it as soon as possible.

Videos about Flebi Supra 3.0

Flebi Supra 3.0: Desempaquetado y montaje

Flebi Supra 3.0: Arrastre plegado y semiplegado

Flebi Supra 3.0: Sistema de plegado y desplegado

Flebi Supra 3.0: Colocación de la cadena en piñón y plato

Flebi Supra 3.0: Utilización de los cambios Shimano Nexus 3

Flebi Supra 3.0: Funcionamiento del display LCD C300U

Flebi Supra 3.0: Detalles del plegado

Flebi Supra 3.0: Configuración del display LCD C300U

Flebi Supra 3.0: Recarga de la batería

Flebi Supra 3.0: Inserción del manillar telescópico

Flebi Supra 3.0: Empaquetado en su caja original

Flebi Supra 3.0: Ajuste del manillar

Flebi Supra 3.0: Ajuste del freno de disco delantero Tektro

Flebi Supra 3.0 Lite: Funcionamiento del display C200

Frequently asked questions about our Flebi Supra electric bikes

1. What is the actual range I can expect from the battery?

The Supra’s battery range is calculated for an average weight of 80kg, driving at the medium level of assistance on a mixed route. Based on this benchmark, the range of distance that can be covered on a single charge will be extended if the driver’s weight is lighter or the selected assistance level is set to low.

2. What do I need to do to maintain the battery properly?

Mainly make the charging cycles as complete as possible, never leave it discharged for several days, and charge it every 30 to 40 days even if you don’t use it. This will extend the life of a lithium battery like the one in your Flebi. Using the accelerator acts aggressively on the battery, reducing its lifespan.

3. What is the USB port integrated in the battery used for?

To charge any device from the Supra battery, using a USB cable for connection. For example a mobile phone.

4. How do I fix a puncture on the front wheel of my Supra?

It is simple. Follow these steps:

  • Release the brake stop on the bridge
  • Cut the flanges of the motor connector
  • Separate the two halves of the motor connector
  • Loosen wheel, remove and repair
  • Put on wheel and tighten it
  • Connect the two halves of the connector by positioning the two parts facing each other with the arrows
  • Fit flanges and brake stop

5. What are the recommendations for keeping my Flebi in the best possible condition?

  • Don’t drive on unpaved roads.
  • Do not jump
  • Do not raise the handlebars above the mark.
  • Wash it with a damp cloth
  • Do not open the electrical components
  • Do not use another charger

And if you want your electric folding bike to stay as good as the first day, ask us!