Who we are

FLEBI is a young and dynamic company founded in Seville in 2010 with the objective of responding to a need that arises in this city as well as in many others that begin a firm commitment to promote a sustainable urban mobility by creating adequate infrastructure for moving by bicycle.

People start to consider this mode of transportation as a real alternative to get to work and carry out their daily tasks around the streets of the city in an efficient way. It becomes healthy, ecological and fun, and depending on the distance may be even much cheaper and faster than a car or a motorbike that consume fuel, pay taxes, insurance, traffic jams and lack of parking space.
From our point of view we think urban cyclists want to reach their destination in the shortest time and the minimum effort, riding a handy vehicle that can be combined with other means of transport, and to be stored easily at home, at work or elsewhere. Electric, Foldable and Light… That is the true meaning of FLEBI movement (Folding, Light & Electric Bike).).


We design our own products with the approach of reducing weight, simplify the folding mechanism and maximize the intensity of pedal assistance and battery autonomy. To achieve this we use the lightest components of the market and combine them with the aim of obtaining a practical and functional electric bicycles, with a modern and attractive appearance for our users.

FLEBI is a trademark registered in Spain and based in this country. We hire our bicycles production and assembly of components to some of the best and specialized chinese manufacturing plants, strictly controlling the product quality in each process step. In this way we are able to optimize the cost structure of our bikes and offer them at very competitive prices.


FLEBI’s headquarters are located in Seville, where are our sales office and warehouses. We plan our logistics in order to keep enough stock of each model at all times, which allows us to meet the demand on the way.

Thanks to the cooperation agreements reached with the best transport companies we deliver the orders in the shortest possible time in any European country.

In FLEBI we feel the importance of a fast and efficient after-sales care. It is an essential factor for us and in order to fulfill this commitment we have a specialized technical support, as well as a wide stock of spare parts.


It is possible to acquire a FLEBI from almost anywhere on the planet through the online store. In parallel we are working on developing our international distribution network with the objective of opening sales points worldwide that offer our bikes and the appropriated service to sell and maintain them.