it’s foldable

Small footprint

Fits in any corner of your house and under the office table, so when you get to work you will not have to leave your appreciated Flebi outside. That fixes your parking problems, since you can take it with you and keep it at your side! And at home you’ll quickly find its place. In the closet, under the bed, on top of the washing machine…

Take it on your travels and getaways, by land, sea and air. Load one or two in the trunk of your car, and invoice it by plane or train. Make it a space in the motorhome and take a walk when you get. And if you have a boat, Flebi is the perfect complement to move from the port. Try doing sightseeing in a comfortable electric bike!

it’s light.

Very handy

Take it easily in the elevator or stairs, you will check you are able to carry it. Thanks to its featherweight, there will be no obstacles that resists you. You will not have to join to the gym to get out with your Flebi, enter the bus or put it inside the car boot. It will be your true partner on your daily commute.

Do urban ‘commuting’, A stretch by Flebi and other by subway. Or by bus or car… Combining is what matters. Go on Flebi from home to the metro and later from the metro to the office. You’ll save a lot of time. If you go to the downtown you can leave your car away and move freely from there avoiding jams

it’s electric

It helps you pedal

Move effortlessly and watch your image. Practicing sport is very important, but so is getting presentable to work. By Flebi you will arrive earlier and without sweating. In most urban trips the bike is the quickest conveyance, and even more if it is electric. You barely have interruptions along the way or waste time parking.

Don’t look the battery, because we’ve hidden. When you undertake other cyclists they won’t probably notice your ‘secret power’, because the technology is integrated inside the frame in order to improve the bike look. Just concern about charging it in a while and start enjoying the assisted pedaling system on two wheels.

your bike

Cool and healthy

You will have a good time sailing the asphalt, while doing some exercise. If you enjoy riding a bicycle, you will love the experience on an electric bike, because the motor assistance gives a bonus of engaging fun. And do not forget to keep pedaling, even though the effort to do is chosen by you and not the path. That makes the difference!

bicicletas eléctricas en Bilbao

A green and economical mode of transportation. No pollution, no expenses! Being an electric vehicle, it fully respects our atmosphere, since there are no emissions. You’ll be taking care of your environment as well as your economy, because the energy saving is really high, not to mention the insurance, taxes or parking fees that no longer exist.