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Closca Fuga comprises 3 mobile concentric rings hinged together with 2 stable positions. Our patented system reduces volume by more than 50% after fold and becomes flat like a book. Closca Fuga is the only foldable helmet that fits in any purse or backpack.




CPSC & EN1078 international safety certifications

When we designed Closca Fuga we wanted to create a stylish, light and comfortable, but above all safe helmet.

The helmet stays locked and immutable while your head is inside, but folds smoothly in a second when you’re not using it, reducing the volume by more than 50% for easy storage. Unfolded, it acts as any regular helmet does exceeding the global safety standards.

That’s why we’re able to give you two-years warranty.




The creative process of Closca Fuga has been carried out taking into account the guidelines that urban cyclists themselves gave us day by day.

■ Inner structure with reinforced fiberglass, EPS and PC to achieve maximum impact absorption capability with minimum thickness.

■ Innovating ventilation system with hidden air vents for aesthetics improvement and cyclist’ sunstroke head protection.

■ Plug and Play Philosophy with an elastic and adjustable fit system to improve comfort and safety.




When we designed our bike helmet with our creative partner CuldeSac we thought of those who choose bicycle as their transportation alternative and do not want to compromise their style. Wearing a helmet when riding to work through the city and looking stylish became our opportunity to create a new product that would transform this safety element into a fashion accessory.

The result is a minimalist, simple and elegant helmet designed to be part of your style.


Como puedo saber mi talla de casco?

closca fuga tallaCon una cinta métrica o equivalente, tienes que medir tu cabeza, el perímetro craneal, por la parte más ancha, un poco por encima de las cejas.

En la guía de tallas veras una medida que es el diámetro de tu cabeza.


Y si me equivoco de talla?

Ningún problema, te lo cambiamos por otra talla sin coste alguno, siempre que el casco y el embalaje original no hayan sufrido desperfectos.

Cuanto se puede plegar el casco?

A más de la mitad de su tamaño, de manera que es muy cómodo de llevar y se puede guardar fácilmente en cualquier bolsa o mochila.

Es seguro un casco plegable?

SI, aunque se puede plegar, el Closca Fuga resiste impactos como un casco normal, y tiene los certificados de seguridad EN1078 de Europa y CPSC de NorteAmérica.

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