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Flebi Evo v3.0 is the lightest folding electric bike.


This restyling comes after many requests in recent years, both from former owners of the previous Flebi EVO and from people interested in a really light, compact and versatile folding ebike. With a weight of 12.9 kg and a compact folding, Flebi Evo v3.0 is really comfortable and practical for all types of users. It has a 24V-10Ah battery, 24V / 250W motor and maintains the characteristic design of this model, which will make everyone turn around when you pass by. Tektro brakes, Kenda tyres, 5 levels of assistance, Wellgo folding pedals and the rest of the components will help you rediscover the meaning of lightness and embrace the comfort of the future. Fall in love with Flebi Evo v3.0, a designer electric bike with a truly sleek and modern look.


Box contents

  • Flebi Evo v3.0 bike with built-in battery
  • 110-240VAC battery charger
  • Rear light

*Optional carry handle.


Evo 3.0 vs 2.0 improvements

  • LCD display with 5 levels of assistance
  • More efficient controller
  • 12-magnet PAS pedal sensor
  • Long front and rear mudguards


Weight (kg) 12.9
Dimensions (cm) 135x52x105
Folding time (s) 10
Dimensions folded (cm) 75x27x70
Handlebar height (cm) 52
Saddle height (cm) 89
Load capacity (kg) 110
Max height (m) 1.90
Range charged (km) 35-50
Charge time (h) 5
Voltage (V) 110-240 VAC
Top speed (km/h) 25
Battery life (cycles) 700
Max slope (%) 15%
Tyres pressure 3,5-4.5 bar
Certificate CE, EN 15194 / SGS
Packaging dimensions (cm) 92x16x62



Battery Beyonde Li-On 24V-10Ah
Frame Zhetai Aluminium 16″-13Z
Motor Aikema 24V 250W cont 350w Max Brushless
Fork Custom Steel
Display Tenyi LCD 5 levels
Controller Tenyi micro 24v
Rims HJC-P18/16*1.5
PAS Sensor KH V7 700MMSM-3A
Charger Modiary 29.4VDC/2.0A
Tyres Kenda 16*1.5
Front brake Tektro V-brake
Rear brake Tektro V-brake
Rear light Zhetai Light Led auto ON/OFF
Front light Yes, adjustable LED
Chainwheel Zhetai 38x10T
Chain #25 fast conector
Brake levers Wuxing brake sensor
Pedals Wellgo F284, PP 9/16″ folding with reflector.
Gears No
Handles Zhetai
Gear shift No
Handlebar Zhetai
Saddle Zhetai
Kickstand No, semi-folded support
Rear pack
Carrying bag Optional
Carrying handle Optional



Discover its lightness and folding

  1. Flebi overview

1.1. How do Flebis work?

Flebis are lightweight folding bicycles that incorporate pedal assisted system, which means you can pedaling and the electric motor acts assisting you to take you to a speed of between 20-25km/h. At the time you brake the motor stops working.

1.2. What do I need to drive a Flebi bike?

Unlike motorcycles and cars, electric bicycles do not need any permission nor do you need insurance to travel on public roads, as long as they have the EN15194 certificate which regulates electric bicycles in the European Union. Flebi has obtained through the recognized agency TUV:


1.3. Which Flebi model is more convenient for me?

All of them are electric, folding and light, but there are some details that make them cover different needs. Flebi Evo is probably the lightest e-bike in the market, so you can carry it comfortably, even at your back inside the backpack (optional). It can be easily folded and provides a máximum power of 250W which allows to climb any slope. Flebi Power is slightly heavier but it builts gear changes in return, so you can ride almost any terrain. Finally the Flebi Supra has the maximum power in the market too, more autonomy, you can comfortably remove the battery and fold it in a second. The frame is larger, more robust and stable, and it weighs 17.5kg.

1.4. Is Flebi adequate for my height and weight?

Flebi Evo and Supra supports a maximum weight of 110kg, and the recommended height for a comfortable driving position is between 1.50 and 1.85m. Flebi Power is limited to 100kg and max height of 1.80m.

1.5. Will I be able to go up the hills that are in my way?

Sure! The Flebi Evo features a powerful 250W motor and 24V battery that allows you to climb easily hills having a slope up to 15% while pedaling.

  1. Flebi is electric

2.1. What autonomy does and how it charge the battery?

Flebi Evo incorporates a long-term Lithium battery integrated inside the frame that provides a range between 35 and 40km approx. To recharge it, just connect the included power adapter to the bike itself and in 2-3 hours the LED will turn green to show that the charge cycle is complete. The battery is not removable by design and safety reasons.

2.2. Can the battery be recharged with the energy of pedaling?

Although it would be very interesting, the battery can not be charged with the movement itself because the power it provides is not sufficiently strong or stable.

2.3. Can I charge it in the car or caravan?

Yes, you can find In the market power adapters that convert the DC voltage of the vehicles to AC voltage that requires de Flebi charger.

2.4. Can I use the Flebi Evo as a normal bike?

Yes, just switching the display off the electric assistance of Flebi is disconnected and then it works as a conventional folding bike.

2.5. What is the usage of the display of the Flebi Evo?

It has two functions. The first is being an indicator of remaining battery level, shown with 3 red lights that get off as the battery is going down. The second is to select the intensity of the pedaling assistance between 3 levels available. The higher will advance farther with each pedal stroke but will reduce the battery lenght as well.

2.6. When do I have to replace the battery, how much it costs and where I can do?

The Flebi Evo battery lasts around 600 recharge cycles, even though their lifetime strongly depends on the weight of the person and the level of tire pressure.

You can replace it at the store where you purchased your bike or directly contacting our Flebi Technical Service. If you purchase the bike online then you only have to buy the new battery and send the bike to us. We will replace it for free.

  1. Use of Flebi

3.1. Will I receive the Flebi ready to use?

Virtually. You will get you Flebi carefully packed in folded position, ready to use. Just screw the pedals and make sure the wheels are inflated to the proper pressure. The battery comes with a slight charge from factory and it is recommended to make a first full cycle after draining it completely. When unfolded checks then chain is correctly placed on plate and sprocket by giving a pedaling backward

3.2. Do I need to recharge it before every ride?

No. The lithium-ion technology of the battery does not have a memory effect that prevents the full charge if it has not previously been completely discharged. Therefore the battery can be charged at any time, even it is recommended to wait until it gets completely out.

3.3. Can the electrical components get damaged if the bike gets wet?

Although the bicycle is waterproof and safe, it is not advisable a long drive in the rain to prevent water from entering inside the frame as it could affect the internal battery and electrical components.

3.4. Can I install a kids chair to the Flebi?

Flebi Evo is a bike intended for personal transportation. The rear carrier can support a weight of up to 15kg, but due to its size we do not recommend to couple a second seat for safety reasons.

  1. Maintenance

4.1. Does it need any specific kind of maintenance for being electric?

Not particularly. As with any other bike, you should regularly check the most common parts (wheels, brake pads, cables), check the lubricant at the chain and clean the bike. Avoid high pressure cleaner since it may cause damage to electrical components. To preserve the life of the battery it is recommended to charge it completely and wait until it gets out.

4.2. What should I do if I will not use it for a while?

In occasional use conditions it is recommended to keep the Flebi protected against dust and humidity. You should it store it with a minimum level of battery, but not discharged, and do a full charge cycle every 2 months even when it is not used.

4.3. What is the warranty period and what I do if I have a problem?

The warranty is one year for electrical components and two years for rest of parts, except those of normal wear out. If you had to do any typical repairment you can do it in conventional bike shops. For electrical parts you should do it in the store where you purchased the bike, as they have the knowledge and right parts, or contacting our Customer Service if you bought directly at Flebi Store.

4.4. Can I purchase spare parts?

Sure. In Flebi we have a large stock of spare parts including every component of our bikes. If you need any of them just search at our online stores or contact us to request it in case you can’t find it there.

Additional information


Titanium, White


Yes + 20 €, No

Carrying handle

Yes + 30 €, No

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