USB rechargeable LED rear light


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Feux arrière LED rechargeable USB

This is the rear light that best fits Flebi bikes.

It is very light, only 30g. You will not even notice you’re wearing it.

Quick and easy to install. Simply attach it to the seat post without any tool.

The operation is very simple. Pressing on the red reflector turns on and changes function with each press.

It has 3 modes: high power, eco and flash.

It has an internal 220mA lithium battery that provides a long autonomy which depends on the used modes. It lasts about 3 hours in high power, 6 hours in eco and 50 hours in flash mode.

To recharge the battery just unscrew it the housing and and plug it to any USB port using the cable supplied or any other.

Charging time depends on whether it is fully discharged or partially used, with a maximum of 2.5 hours. We recommend to recharge it regularly to be always operative.

During charging, a green indicator will turn on. When the charge is complete the indicator will turn off.