WeeRide Safe Front Deluxe Seat


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Diversion en Weeride

Weeride Safe Front child seats ensure the highest safety and fun. It has fixing system based on a patented bar and it is placed on the central part of the bicycle, thus offering a perfect stability during the ride.

Children will not fall asleep due to boredom and will have a great time contemplating the landscape. And so both of you will enjoy the bike together.

The Safe Front Deluxe model comes with a thicker padding and offers the highest level of comfort. The plastic of the chair is black.

Share your emotions and show your child the world giving pedals!

– Compatible with Flebi Supra (not compatible with Flebi Evo) and many other bikes
– For children between 9 months and 4 years
– Maximum 15kg according to regulations for front seats
– Maximum security: child under supervision at all times
– Maximum comfort: Padded headrest and padded padding
– Adjustable footrest with safety straps
– 5-point safety harness and buckle
– Sides higher for safety
– Mounting in 20 minutes
– Approved in Spain (EN14344 – TÜV)
– Included central bar





Why buy a WeeRide instead of competition?

The WeeRide seats are the safest and most fun seats you can buy, just go online and read the reviews. Rear seats destabilise your bike, your child looks at your back and you can’t interact with them. Front seats put the weight on the front of the bike and are uncomfortable for your child. The WeeRide is a unique Centre Mounted sea.


Why use this product?

My latest child used from 6 months. Most kids can use from 9 months. The EU standard says from aged 1, but the standard has to be inclusive all the inferior seats out there. You will stop using the seat at 4 which is when most kids want to get out on their own bikes.


How easy is it to use?

Very simple. There is a small change to your riding style as the seat is in front of you. Mounting the bike

Mounting the bike is simple. You can swing your leg over the rear of the bike as you would do normally. You can then lean over to pick your child up and secure them into the seat. If they are too small to stand up on their own, securely lean your bike against a wall, and put your child in the seat before mounting. Or better still, have someone else hold your bike.


How easy is it to assemble?

There is a video online that shows me fitting to a bike in about 5 minutes. I wasn’t rushing, but hav done many times. I would say fitting time is 5 to 15 mins. It is very simple, especially if you look at our online videos: