Supra models

Supra 3.0 lite is back, more up to date than ever. This version is still electric, foldable, lightweight and keeps all the essence of the Supra range… now at the best price!

Its 250W motor located in the rear wheel allows you to get around town very comfortably. It folds up in a second and its drag system supported by small retractable wheels allows you to move it as if it were a trolley. It has a removable 7.8Ah / 280.8 Wh battery that provides up to 50 km, sufficient autonomy for most journeys.

When the third parties are the good ones. High voltage and greater components to enhance the most versatile Flebi!

The Supra goes a step further within the philosophy of Flebi, offering a very complete electric bike in performance. Its power is amazing, with 250W and 36V you will be able to climb the most demanding hill. The 10.4Ah / 374.4 Wh battery is build with highest quality cells that provide a range of about 70 km at medium level. It is integrated into the frame but is removable, and has an anti-theft key and USB port for charging devices. Nexus 3-speed gears, front disc brake and the best components.

More Supra than ever! Exclusive options included as standard that will delight fans of our flagship model.

The 14Ah / 504 Wh battery capacity grants 22% more capacity and autonomy, enough to exceed 100 km in the softest mode and ensure 90 km in the most demanding mode. The Shimano Nexus 7 gears offers a 245% range, which is 30% more than the Nexus 3. These upgrades enable for a longer speed for favorable terrain and downhill, while increasing the shorter speed and guaranteeing the longest autonomy on the market in urban bicycles. With an exclusive C500 3.2″ LCD panel to manage the system.